Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bath Duty

There are certain times when, more than at other times, I feel the full motherliness of my calling.  Kissing boo-boos.  Fastening carseat buckles.  Splitting my lap between a nursing baby and a toddler who's crawled up for storytime.   Pushing the stroller.  Waking in the night to comfort a sick or scared child.

And bathing my boys.
When bathtime comes early enough in the day that we're not tired or rushed, it can be a pure delight.  Scrubbing them up and rinsing them off.  Singing songs and splashing water.
Wrapping them up in fluffy towels.  Smoothing lotion over their sweet baby skin.  Tucking them into fresh clothes.  Sneaking kisses on their little toes and sniffs of their little cheeks.
I love my job.


Aunt Betty said...

I want Andrews eye lashes!!!!

V's Mama said...

The sweetest... and yes, his eyelashes are envy-worthy!

Foodiebia said...

I love that second picture! Great post!

Julie said...

And I love the third picture - I've always loved their little toes!

Elissa said...

Beautiful pictures. And WHERE did you get the adorable camera strap cover? I need one of those!