Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowed In

The high today is 28.  It's snowing.  And it's sticking.  I can hear the shovels scraping the sidewalks right now.

In health news (because I know y'all are on the edges of your seats)...the Mister and I got hit by another stomach bug Wednesday night.  It was vicious.  Thank goodness, the boys escaped it.  Having both parents really sick and both boys full-speed was...difficult.  Made me really wish we had grandparents in town!  Little Guy had 3 1/2 hot dog buns for breakfast yesterday.  Because that's all I could manage at 6:30.  (He said, "Tinks, Mama.  Yummmmmmmmm!"  Sweet boy.)  There were multiple episodes of "Mick-aMouse" and "Melmo Street" and we all went from one set of pajamas to the next.  And you know your husband works a lot when it feels like a treat to be home sick together.

Today, we'll enjoy being snowed in.  Little Guy's been helping me make peppermint bark.  You should have seen how wide his eyes got when I told him to pound a Ziploc bag full of candy canes with his toy hammer.  And you should have seen how fast that woke Buddy Boy up.  Woops.

Happy snow day!


Wanting What I Have said...

Y'all are precious! I'm sorry you were so sick. That's hard. Love the idea of having him pound the candy canes with his toy hammer! You're so clever!

Thanks for your encouraging words. I appreciate you!

Julie said...

So glad you and the Mister are on the mend - and love the picture of Andrew viewing the snowfall!

RMC said...