Friday, November 12, 2010

John Fletcher at 3 Months

Hello, you beautiful quarter-year-old!
 You light up our lives with your giggly smile.  It makes us feel so loved.

My days are a good bit busier than they were when your brother was this age, so I have to make sure I get enough time each day to just hold you.  Your brother's naptime is our special time...whether asleep or awake, we almost always spend those hours snuggled up to one another.  Sometimes we do photoshoots!
 You are an easy baby.  You sleep through the night (as long as we keep that passy in) and take at least 3 good naps each day.  You eat well--and quickly!  You're still pretty quiet.  And usually you only fuss if you're cold or overtired.  Yesterday, I pulled out the mobile for your bassinette and you LOVED it!  You just kicked and stretched and cooed as it spun overhead.

We love you, sweet one!  These three months have been wonderful!


Wanting What I Have said...

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot get over how fast children grow and change! Good for you for making that one on one time such a priority! I often cave to the "to do" lists. You encourage me!

The Slagleys said...

He can't be that big, I feel like you just had him. He is precious, so glad you are finding a little snuggle time with him!

Julie said...

Our entire family is blessed with the addition of John Fletcher - he is such a sweet baby!