Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Awesomeness

10 factors contributing to the awesomeness of our Weekend of Awesomeness:

1. Jacob billed not a single hour.
2. On our way to Saturday evening Mass, my suggestion to ditch our plan for frozen pizza at home and insted have ice cream for dinner at a new shop in the neighborhood, was met with a "Sure!  Why not?"
3. Ice cream for dinner included hot fudge sauce and caramel and Heath Bar sprinkles.  It was dinner, after all.
4. We spent a morning in little boy dreamland, amidst trucks and sand paper and axes and Lincoln Logs, at the Festival of the Building Arts. (separate post coming)
5. Despite the defeat of my alma mater, the little guy perfected his "Rollllllllll Tide!"
6. Itty Bitty turned 2 months old. (again, separate post coming)
7. Jacob and I woke before the boys Saturday morning and made buttermilk french toast together.
8. A couple home improvement projects were crossed off the list.
9. I got to catch up by phone with one of my besties, while Jacob and Andrew went out for a run.  Phone time is hard to come by these days.
10. We saw lions and tigers and bears zebras and horses and monkeys, oh my! (separate post coming, of course)

 Hope your weekend was filled with just as much awesomeness!


Julie said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend - looking forward to the coming posts(along with the pictures!).

Aunt Betty said...

Sounds wonderful!! Did the little guy get enjoy this impromptude gastrinomic delight as well? I don't know if you have heard about your very diplomatic neice who has coined the phase "Rollllll Eagle!!"

Family Snodgrass said...

Yes! Andrew had his topped with Froot Loops, pretzels, and Lucky Charms!

Roll Eagle is a nice compromise.

Family Snodgrass said...
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Family Snodgrass said...
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