Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marching on DC: Year 2

On 9.12, we joined my cousin's family for a second year of partcipation in the March on DC.  What a FANTASTIC day!

We hit the streets with our teacup patriots...
...and marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol lawn.
Pre-rally, we spent a little time enjoying Curious George and some tasty snacks.
Then we rallied with many thousands of our fellow Americans!
And rallied hard 'til we were all rallied-out.
The Very Official Family Snodgrass Speaker of the Day Award goes to Mr. Tito Munoz.  Wow!  If you'd like to listen, click here.

This visit was so uplifting!  There's something extra sweet about a relationship that exists in the overlap of friendship and family, and it was a pleasure to get to spend the day with J and her family.
To see how she, a few years ahead of me in motherhood, guides her children; to hear about their homeschooling adventure; to trade camera lenses for a bit; to have her little ones snuggle up to 'Uncle Jake' and me.  It was pure wonderful! 

And what a delight it was to see our children enjoying each other so heartily!  If I could keep this funny boy around to entertain Andrew...
...and this sweet girl around to tend to John Fletcher...
...well, I wouldn't have many demands on my time and my boys would be happy as clams.  If only we lived closer!


Confessions said...

ah! I LOVE this! If only we ALL lived closer. :)

Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE this post! You are too kind! We had a WONDERFUL time with y'all! Hanging out was uplifting for us, as well! You are a precious friend! I am thankful for you!