Thursday, September 30, 2010

Even Better

We've had the most glorious 3-day visit with this little girl.
And her Mama and her Gam, too.
They hopped a plane and came all the way from Alabama to just hang out with us.  What a TREAT!
Jamie and I started out as suite mates in our freshman year of college. 
And as much fun as it was to spend all our time worrying about Thursday night plans and football game dates and mid-terms and sorority formal dresses (and it was fun! super fun!), this is EVEN BETTER!
Loving on each others' babies and sharing a nursing cover and blocking up city sidewalks with three seats' worth of strollers.
Toddling around parks and asking for two highchairs at every restaurant and spending half the day at the apartment with babies napping in every room.
Changing diaper after diaper after diaper and seeing our children delight in each other and getting to know Gam as far more than just Jamie's mom and wearing those babies slap out.
It is good.  It is really, really good.

You three ladies were the highlight of our month!  Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful visit!


Wanting What I Have said...

AWESOME pictures!!! (Did you get your new lens?) :)

Family Snodgrass said...

Thanks, J! Jacob brought the lens home as a surprise one night last week! :)

Jana said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You mama's and your babies!! Glad you had an awesome time! Jamie has really been looking forward to it!!

Julie said...

Looks like you all had a grand time!

V's Mama said...

Thank you, E, for the best visit YET! And like I told Jacob--- we promise not to let time slip between visits again! I LOVE YOU!

Aunt Cacky said...

How nice!

Mary-Margaret said...

Please share some of your photography secrets!