Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...(Redux)

Way back in August of '08, when I was getting large with first child, I did a post on the five things getting me through that pregnancy.  Well, here I am now, in May of '10, getting large with second child and these are the five things getting me through this go 'round!

Once again, ranked from favorite to favoritest:

5. Dry Shampoo
Oh, dry shampoo, how I love you!  A dear friend (who shall remain nameless, in case she's not into telling the Internet about her dirty hair secrets) taught me in college to put baby powder in my hair if it needed a little 'freshening,' but the powder always ended up all over the floor and sometimes entirely too much ended up on my dirty locks, giving more of a George Washington look than intended.  Dry shampoo is the answer!  In good weather and with the use of this stuff, I can go FOUR DAYS between hair washings, y'all. 

Did that just gross you out?

Sorry.  But I don't think you would know if you saw me on day four, although my hair would definitely be in a pony. 

Sesame Street only lasts so long.  You do what you gotta do.
And for all you redheads and brunettes, they make dry shampoos to match your color.  Way better than baby powder!

4. Dessert
With Andrew, I was all about pickles and olives and french fries and chips.  But this time, it's ice cream and cookies and candy and posicles that are calling my name.  But, hey, I had cherries for dessert the other night!

Followed by oatmeal raisin cookies.

Oh, well.

3. The Snoogle
The Snoogle maternity pillow makes a repeat appearance from the '08 list.  I don't think I'd be able to walk in the mornings if it weren't for this pillow.  It helps so much with back and hip pain!

I start out my night like the bottom picture and end it like the top picture.  Just maybe not quite so smiley.

2. Breathe Right Strips
My first pregnancy symptom is congestion.  Kicks in at about 5 weeks.  Late in Andrew's pregnancy, somebody suggested that I try these suckers to tone down my heavy nighttime breathing.  Now, let's be clear here: I do NOT snore.  But I do heavy breathe.  And that bothers somebody.

So, I slap one of these things on each evening.  And, don't tell somebody, but I actually like how easy they make it to breathe.

Isn't life with children romantic?
This is imporant, though: only buy the "Clear for sensitive skin" variety.  The regular ol' beige ones will take the top three layers of skin right off your nose in the morning.  Not a pleasant way to wake up.

1. Sweet &Salty Nut Granola Bars
It all comes back to food, doesn't it?  Mmmmmmm...these are like a candy bar, but they're in the cereal aisle, so you can eat them at ten in the morning.  Which I do.  Pretty much every single day.

There's something about serving a toddler a mid-morning snack that makes me think I need one too.  And actually, I really do, lest I get one of those nasty blood sugar plummets a la Safeway in the snowpocalypse.
This is one of the few forbidden peanut products that make it through our doors these days.  They're kept in a sealed container, up high in a cabinet, and I can usually be found scarfing mine down while hidden by the refrigerator, so the little guy won't get any ideas.  They are that good.


Rhonda Hennessy said...

What a great post! Now, I have always HAD to wash my hair every day. I'm wondering about this dry shampoo. I'm going to check it out. Post-baby, the hair-washing stayed the same but the hairdryer, flat iron, rollers...all that sometimes goes out the window (because my face sure needs all the MAC products I can get on it).

There is nothing better than the sweet/salty combo...pregnant or not!

BettieBoyd said...

You are making it through, one way or another! Don't forget the Aerosole oxfords instead of the four-inch heels!

Caleb said...

you are hilarious.

Dana said...

You are doing wonderfully, my dear! Where did you get your dry shampoo? I must give that a whirl.

Julie said...

I guess Diet Mt. Dew didn't make the cut this time! (or maybe that was on another list)

Family Snodgrass said...

Dana, my bottle of Batiste dry shampoo came from bed Bath & Beyond (for around $7), but there are different varietites available at lots of drug stores and salons. (No need to pay the salon price, though, in my opinion...the drug store stuff is just as good.)

Julie, Diet Mtn. Dew is how I get through LIFE. :) No need to confine it to a pregnancy survival list.

J said...

I am so glad to know they still make dry shampoo. My mom recalled using it in college...I've always resorted to baby powder...and with my dark locks, if I'm not SUPER CAREFUL, I get an aged look...I will be making this purchase! :)