Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pleasures of Suburbia

At the end of the Sullivan family beach trip, Jacob flew back to DC, while Andrew and I drove to Birmingham with my parents.  They are saints.  The trip took six hours.  Andrew slept for 30 minutes of it.  Let's just say he was 'somewhat unhappy' for the remaining 5 and one-half hours.  Oh my!

But once we got there, life was good.  The little guy discovered that, in some parts of the world, it is possible to go straight from one's kitchen to the great outdoors.  No elevator, no lobby, no doorman.  Just one step and you're outside.

He was enchanted.
From dawn to dusk, he just wanted to be outside.
Mainly in that Cozy Coupe.
Or climbing the steps.  Or drinking from the hose.
Or eating gravel, after having investigated the tires of Gaga's car.
Just as long as he as he was outside.

But when inside, he took consolation in the constant supply of Pop-Ices from Gr'mama.
And playing with Lily Rose, of course. 
They were quite the team. I credit Lily with getting Andrew on the fast track to talking. A little exposure to Lily's vast vocabulary and, suddenly, he's adding about two words a day! The "Mama" drills have been increased...he'll say it one day.

Another great delight was getting to see some dear friends and some of those friends' sweet babies.  Like this scrumptious, squishy sugar muffin and her mama.
Here, have a duck, Vivi Ross!
And our pal Gus and his brand new baby sis.  Andrew felt so comfortable at Gus' house that, while my back was turned, he sat down and helped himself to the snack laid out for Gus.  Woops!
That will be our last visit to Birmingham until after John Fletcher arrives, so all the good memories will have to hold the little guy over!


BettieBoyd said...

He was just WONDERFUL----all the time!

Malacy said...

There's no place like home!

Aunt Betty said...

It was so nice getting to see the two of you and we can not wait to meet John Fletcher!!!

Julie said...

Looks like Andrew is right at home in the driver's seat of his coupe! How great that he has so many playmates in Birmingham!
p.s. love the sailor outfit on him