Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Andrew!

Happy 1st birthday to our dearest, darling baby boy.

You are such a treasure.

You bless us every day with your sweet smile and your funny ways.

You are the most affectionate little thing there ever was and can be quite serious at times.

But mostly, you are, as your daddy says, a real card!  And so very, very active!

And we love every last part of your little personality.

We are so blessed to have you, little guy.

Today, we praise God for the last year with you and all the ones to come.

Happy birthday, dear son!


Grandma Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Your Mommy did a superb job of capturing your last year in beautiful photographs!
You have grown so much and are a real joy to everyone! Now...make a wish!

Aunt Betty said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! This is your first and my baby Barbara's 21st. we are so happy that the two of you share this special day! Have a great day eat lots of cake and we will see you very soon. We love you!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to dear Andrew!! I hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating with your sweet baby boy. Lots of love and birthday wishes from Charlotte!

BettieBoyd said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! What a time travel slide show-it is wonderful to see the changes occur. All our love!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope you love your cake! :)

Aunt Cacky said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Andrew! All the Oztekins hope you have a most wonderful day!!!!! See you very soon. All our love, Aunt Cacky; Uncle Kent; Claire and Anne Layton.

EWP said...

Happy birthday, Andrew!!!!!!!!

Katie and Matt said...

Happy Birthday, baby Andrew. Maybe one of these days I'll get to meet you! How quickly a year has gone!!

J said...

Got teary reading this.

Happy first birthday sweet Andrew!