Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Andrew at 12 Months

I thought for the 12 month update, we should have a recap of Andrew's blanket pictures.

Wish I'd thought to do the blanket pictures when he was a newborn, but you get the idea: he was tiny!


One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

Ten months

Eleven months

And...da da da dum...twelve months!

Yep, now he's officially huge.  :)

It's kind of a relief that we have finished the blanket series, because ever since about 8 months, things have gone about like this.

He's a wild man!  Makes it difficult to get mama's silly pictures!

Regardless of his wildness, he's still sweet as can be!  And very toothy these days...4 middle bottom teeth, plus a molar, and 4 middle top teeth.

We started cow's milk a few weeks back, but it seems to upset his tummy a little, so we're still doing half formula-half milk.  I've been working on getting him interested in the sippy cup, to make the transition from the bottle.  But I don't think we're ready yet, and I'm just not overly concerned about it.   There's nothing magic about the day he turns one, right? 

In just the last week or so, we've had a breakthrough on the table food.  Guess he was waiting on those teeth!  He now eats shredded cheese, peas, diced avocado and banana, lots of Cheerios, anything cracker- or bread-like, and sometimes a few raviolis, but he's got some texture issues with those.

The little guy walks almost exclusively now, crawling only if he's trying to outrun us (i.e. if we left the bathroom door open).  And he's very good at it.  I'm thankful we've had no major spills.  Oh, and the mummy walk is a thing of the past.

I mentioned in the last post, that we're weaning off the passy for awake time.  I should have revealed that he still gets passy access in taumatic situations.  You know, horrible things, like having to wear a hat or coat, having to sit in a car seat, having to get dressed, having to sit still in church, having 'Happy Birthday' sung to you.  And being dunked in the snow by your parents.

He's doing remarkably well with the adjustment, considering how much he loves that little piece of plastic.

We still aren't really getting any words out of him, but one night we did get him to say 'dada' a few times.  And he says something close to 'hey' when he's playing telephone.

Funny little things he does at one year:
-randomly stops playing and comes over to pat my leg or arm, just to say hi
-leans his forehead into our mouths if we say "kiss Mama" or "kiss Daddy"
-points to direct us where to take him around the house to flick light switches, touch phones, look in mirrors, peer out windows, etc. (he considers us to be very good servants)
-gives high fives
-clap, clap, claps
-wriggles his way under chairs and tables and behind furniture to find tiny little nooks that are just his size, where he then pops up, looking so very proud of himself
-initiates lots and lots of peekaboo
-fake cries: he screws his face all up and lets out a very deliberate whine, meant to sound like a cry and waits expectantly; if he doesn't get a reaction, he'll continue on his merry way and then stage another cry a little later
-asks permission by all but doing something and then turning around to look at us very inquisitively
-pulls all the books off the shelf, all the toys out of the bin, all the diapers out of the basket, all the cans out of the pantry...and so on and so on

Andrew Thomas, you are a pure joy at one year old!  All the fun things you do make it not so hard for us to see you grow up.  We can't wait to see what the next year brings!


Laura said...

what a little delight he is, elizabeth! i love the series of watching him grow up thru the year. and i have decided that my favorite of his trick is the fake cry. sounds like something i did as a kid.

J said...

As usual, so precious!

MW's response to cow's milk was similar to Andrew's. A friend suggested we try organic and we've never gone back. One sip of that organic milk and she was hooked. And. Couldn't. Get. Enough.

Faris Connor said...

Ha! Love this post. My favorite part is that Andrew still gets "passy access in traumatic situations". I would say we do the same. Having to sit in a high chair, carseat, etc. Hope y'all are making your way out of the snow!

Julie said...

He looks like he's training to be a bull fighter in that one pic!

Malacy said...

You do such a beautiful job documenting your precious baby boy's life! Don't sweat the bottle weaning...Gus still loves his bedtime milk bottle...and I love giving it to him! I was told, though, that it is best to go cold turkey and never give a baby milk from the bottle b/c they will love it too much! Cold turkey isn't a phrase we use in our house, so he'll keep his bottle until he's ready to stop.

BettieBoyd said...

Julie, you are right about the bullfighting---and anything to make it more active! It will be fun to have Andrew and Lily Rose fake-crying and pretend-pouting together (I bet it will make them laugh!) Love, Mama

Aunt Betty said...

did the bottle cold turkey twice BIG mistake. Neither of the children would ever drink milk again. Remember that OJ has calcium in it (if you buy the correct kind). I think your mom was more gradual and you all continued to drink milk, talk to her for advise.
I have so loved watching Andrew grow up through the blog, it has certainly made it easier not having you here.