Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cranky McCrankster

After yesterday afternoon's too short nap, I found one Cranky McCrankster in Andrew's crib. With things looking grim and a full four hours to pass before bedtime, decisive action was required.

To the courtyard we went! DC is already feeling like Fall, and the day was simply gorgeous...sunny skies and cool breezes. The grass in the courtyard is still Summer-lush, though. Which makes it all the better for exploring.
Exploring. But not getting all cozy with. Every time Andrew got too far out over the grass, he'd pull his limbs up to where he was balancing on just his tummy.

You may have noticed that I took the opportunity to find a new button on my camera. Kinda funky, no?
You may also have noticed that Andrew is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He certainly did.
These fountains are the real trick. They stop grumpiness dead in its tracks.
Andrew loves them. See??? There's a smile already.Doesn't he look like a big boy here, just chillin' on a bench?
A big boy who woke up too early.
By the time we'd admired some fountains and eaten some grass, things were better.
Much better.
In fact, Cranky McCrankster had decided he best skeedaddle.
'Cause life in the courtyard is just too good.


Jamie and Alec Helms said...

Too cute, E! You've got to give me the tutorial on the magic button you found- I think we have the same camera!

Aunt Cacky said...

What a wonderful story! I really believe you should pursue writing a childrens' book!

J said...

As always, adorable! I love seeing pics of you, too!

aunt Betty said...

so is that a 4 or 5 inch inseam in them there jeans? Love the pixs and I agree with Aunt Cacky you need to become a childrens book author!

Anonymous said...

No Cranky, just our darling Andrew! Love, Mama

Julie said...

I agree with Aunt Cacky and Aunt Betty - you just wrote another children's book complete with illustrations!