Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby Girl at Two

Baby Girl turned two at the end of April, while we were visiting in Alabama.

My Mama and Daddy threw her a beautiful party with cousins and sweet little friends.

Baby Girl is so much fun.  We just "get" each other, and that natural connection is so delightful.

She's a funny, feisty, independent little thing, but a really wonderful part of her temperament is that she is very receptive to correction.  We've been working on saying I do that, please? or I hold that, please? instead of just screaming, and she totally does it and is so pleased when she remembers on her own before launching into a screamfest.  Her humility is so sweet.

She's also one tough cookie.  She hangs in with the big kids really well, never shying away from the tallest slide or the most daring feat.  Most of the time, when she takes a tumble, she hops up, dusts herself off, and tells us I not fall down.  But if a scrape draws blood, we're likely to hear about it for a couple months, so I guess she's got a little of her mother's flair for the dramatic.

Baby Girl definitely considers herself a second mother to her brothers.  She is constantly comforting them in their sorrows, bringing them water bottles when they play hard and tissues when they sneeze, putting away their shoes and toys when they forget, and fetching their favorite colors of crayons.  She is the boys' biggest confidante.  Any time one of them has been in trouble, I'm likely to find a brother snuggled up to a sister, whispering, while she pats his head.

Thank you, God, for these two beautiful years with our Baby Girl!


Anika said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't even know bows came in that size. Well bows that weren't meant to put on cars as a gift ;)

Golden Gate Fam said...

Love the update! She sounds so fun, and is of course adorable!

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Julie said...

She is a little ray of sunshine - what a lovely way to celebrate!