Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is one of our favorite picture books.  It's a simple story, charmingly told, with just the right notes of childhood fears and hopes and imagination.  Each time it snows, the boys compare their experience to the little boy's in the book, which especially resonated when we lived in a building in the city, like the protagonist.  The books we come back to time and again are the ones where the boys can see themselves in the story.  The Little Bear books are that way, as are Harold and the Purple CrayonWhere the Wild Things Are, and the If You Give... series.  All favorites at our house.

The best part of The Snowy Day, in my boys' opinions, is that the little boy puts a snowball in his pocket to save for tomorrow and later discovers it gone.  I think they can relate to the wishful thinking.  This day, Little Guy wanted to put a snowball in his pocket for tomorrow.  

Next time, I'll let him.

What are your favorite picture books?


Rachel Cagle said...

LOVE! Love this- so sweet and WARM!

Golden Gate Fam said...

Great photos! So beautiful!

Orelia can't follow stories yet, but is very fond of Eric Carle's Head to Toe.

Trish Ireland said...

Snow by P.D. Eastman was always my favorite book about snow.