Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Our Easter weekend began with a visit from the Mister's cousin, who just recently moved about an hour away from us.  It's so great to have some family in the area again!
We settled on the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival for our adventure of the day, and it turned out to be a perfect choice.  Blue skies, enough sunshine to shed our jackets, and at least a few gusts of wind here and there.
Cousin was kind enough to give our own little kite a go, but we found we were better kite watchers than kite fliers.
She got to see us in all our glory, including a poopy accident on the National Mall.  Good thing she's family!
Easter morning, we woke early to make it to the first Mass of the morning.  Lest you credit us for extreme devotion, I ought to mention that it was the only Mass without a choir {read: the shortest one of the day}.  We thought perhaps we'd have a chance at good behavior that way.  I'm afraid not.  Behavior was horrendous, the climax being a kicking, screaming spit fest all the five block walk home from church.  

This Easter was very almost The Easter that the Bunny Didn't Come.  But cooler heads prevailed, discipline was doled out, and we all had the opportunity for a timely discussion of God's forgiveness.

It's good to remember what Easter is all about.

And then, the Mister went down to see whether the Easter Bunny had left any eggs while we were at church.  We waited by the phone.
'Hello, Daddy.  Where are they?'
So cute to see my munchkins searching for their eggs in their own ways, Little Guy running about and collecting as many eggs as quickly and efficiently as possible, and Buddy Boy finding an egg, shaking it by his ear to detect its contents, and then breaking it open to enjoy the jelly bean, before moving on to hunt another.

 Spirits were much improved, as you can imagine!

Baby Girl even had a little hunt put on by her doting brothers at the end.
We spent most of the day at home in our jammies, resting and enjoying.  And then we joined friends who are like family for Easter dinner in their home.
 Eight adults, nine kids.  It was a messy blast.

The Mister has a very strictly enforced rule of no lace for boys.  Even on Easter.  {grumble grumble}


Girl.  Lace.
 And a bonnet.

 And baby pins passed down from her grandmother.
This was the only picture I got of all three of them in their Easter suits.  Ha!  Oh, well.
 Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!


BettieBoyd said...

J is such a good dad. Glad he could forgive the spitters! Please tell R she is the soul of hospitality.

Julie said...

From the kite festival to the gathering of friends, it looked like a perfect Easter weekend!