Sunday, November 4, 2012


The children are resting for the moment.  I'd be rummaging through their Halloween candy right now if it weren't for the Mister finding such activity morally reprehensible.  Something about it being 'like robbing their piggy banks.' 


When met with this horrific declaration, I calmly explained to him that I come from a long line of women who raid their children's Halloween candy and think nothing of it.  And furthermore, Halloween candy raiding ranks rather high on my list of Inherent Benefits of Being a Mother.  Like, top five. 

He was having none of it.

Sometimes it's tough be married to Captain America.
So now I'm forced to eat only from the measly stash of Reese's miniatures I {thankfully!!!, in light of recent events} stowed away before Halloween.  Obviously inferior in every way to candy stolen from my children.
I suppose he's going to take the same moral high ground about their Christmas stockings. 

Better buy my candy canes now.
The children were playing with their Nativity scene the other day, because we are firm adherents to seasonally appropriate play.  Later, Little Guy asked me, 'Mommy, where was I born?'  I told him he had been born right here, in Washington, DC.  He said, 'Oh.  Ok.  So I was born in the Washington, DC hay.'
We went apple picking a few weeks ago with friends.  Like us, these friends live in a high rise and park in a garage underneath their building.  The first time any of us felt the outdoor temperature was when we opened our car doors at the farm, an hour outside of town.  And it was, oh, a good thirty degrees colder than it had been the day before.
Fifteen minutes in, we were all shivering, Baby Girl was reaching a frantic scream level, and there was a steady hum of whining going on at about the level of our knees. 
We just about aborted mission.  My friend searched Google maps for anything--anything at all--to do indoors in the area.  But a mall in another state was the most viable option, so we soldiered on.
And we had a really good, really cold time.

Our weekend has been happy: a family trip to the early voting polls, a delicious pot of chili, victories for both our football teams, the best BBQ in DC, good behavior out of all three at Mass {we deserved it after last week's performance!}, and the Mister putting in a lot of worthwile hours at the office.
Hope yours has been happy too!


The Cagles said...

CAPTAIN AMERICA! I love that I have made my stamp! :)

BettieBoyd said...

Scarecrows are so cute!! What a nice time.

Emily said...

The pictures you posted on fb of Rachel were gorgeous! You are so good!

Loved the Captain America comment! I totally agree - one of the benefits of being a mama is getting to raid the Halloween candy!

Lindsey said...

I don't know you, but I have to comment! I enjoy taking the candy from the kids. They don't need it! I teach so I take it all to school on November 1st for prizes! You should show your hubby the Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all my kids' candy" videos on Youtube! Hilarious.

The Steffens said...

It is your God given right to indulge in your children's Halloween candy!!! Not only are you their mama and they don't need a giant bag o' candy, but you EARNED it by trudging in the cold with them to collect it. It's really just your fair share.