Saturday, November 17, 2012


Half a year with our Baby Girl.  What a delight.
She's our adventure baby, going and doing with the big kids each day, and for the most part, just rolling with the punches.
She spends a lot of time snuggled up to me in the carrier, much more than her brothers ever did.  I like that we get that time and closeness because a lot of my physical and mental energy is spent mothering the little tornadoes that swirl around me.  As long as she's nuzzled up to my neck, she can't get lost.

Baby Girl is a dream of a sleeper.  She takes two good naps and sleeps a solid 13 or 14 hours a night, with nary a cry for a passy.  We've never seen such around here!  She can sit up for a little bit, although she's still not real steady.  And she's already beginning to crawl!  Yikes!
 She has a winky smile that I just love.
 Because it looks like she's letting you in on a joke.
She's had a couple bites of a banana and a few nibbles of toast, but we're in no rush with food.
 And I know every parent thinks their child is a genius.
But I actually have proof!
The Proof:
1. Once when I was bathing all three children together, Buddy Boy let out a sudden, glass-shattering scream, which scared Baby Girl so badly that she jumped out of her bath seat and flipped into the water.  Ever since that day, Baby Girl, who had previously always laughed and splashed in the tub, has been terrified of the bath water.  {very sad, but still proof of genius}
2. If someone {someone, being moi} says 'hey' to Baby Girl {in the proper, 3-syllable southern elongation}, she'll say 'hey' back {in the proper, 3-syllable southern elongation}.
 See?  I told you.


And a sweet one at that.


Leslie said...

A beautiful genius!

Leslie said...

A beautiful genius!

Wanting What I Have said...

She is SOOOOO beautiful. Of course she's a genius. Look at her mama! ;)

Golden Gate Fam said...

What a gorgeous and smart babe!

ElissaMLF said...

She is SUCH a pretty girl! Those eyes are unbelievable. What great photos!

Julie said...

Can hardly wait to hear her southern accent! What a beauty!

Natalie said...

She's amazing! And gorgeous too