Thursday, October 4, 2012


Welllllll, Little Guy's first post-peanut challenge peanut butter bagel resulted in hives around his mouth and down his neck.  A couple days later, after apple slices dipped in peanut butter, he was rubbing his eyes, sneezing, and complaining that his throat hurt.  Yesterday, he handed back his peanut butter sandwich, because it made his tongue hurt, and soon thereafter broke out in hives around his mouth.  So.  Further consultation with the allergist.  Careful monitoring.  Small exposures.  Et cetera, et cetera.

The Mister often tells me let's not get our hopes up, 'cause he knows when my hopes go up, they go way, way up.  Way, way up they went this time, so I'm pretty bummed.  But it's still a huge relief to know that a bite of peanut won't send Little Guy into anaphylaxis.
The Mister was out of town a couple weekends ago.  I took the children to the Big Build at the National Building Museum.
We waited at least 20 minutes to sit in a tractor.  When we got to the front of the line, the boys both refused.
But this 18-wheeler, with no line, won Little Guy over.
And Buddy Boy is loving his daily dose of peanut butter.

Take two little boys, add a hint of danger and some watchful eyes, and you have an awesome day.
Buddy Boy has recently decided to own up to his age, and is now staging the most glorious fits of will.  Accordingly, he's spending a good deal of cool down time in his crib.  The terrible two's are a lot easier to deal with {mentally, emotionally} now that I've seen a child come out the other end.  Especially now that I know how tame the two's are, compared to the three's!  Ha!

Blades, blades, everywhere.
As I was washing grapes the other day, Little Guy asked me, "We have to put water on them, so they will grow and grow?"

As I was hurrying him along this week, saying we had to get to carpool, he turned to me, eyes very wide, smile breaking open across his face, and said, "Oh yay!  Oh yay!  The cars are going to go swimming???!!!"

While I was nursing Baby Girl a couple nights ago, Buddy Boy disassembled our indoor trampoline and stuck the bolts into the fingertips of his most favorite, highly-prized yellow rubber glove.  We searched and searched for those bolts, and when he finally returned to playing with his yellow rubber glove {as he does throughout the day}, I think he was as surprised as anyone to find the bolts in there.  And expected much praise and admiration for having located them!
Baby Girl has reached that stage of rolling across the floor and ending up in a totally new spot.  Now I'm on constant watch to make sure she doesn't get slammed in the head by a refrigerator door or crashed upon by a falling Lego creation.  Keeps things exciting!
She's also found her feet, and will pop a toe into her mouth now and then, which the boys find to be ab-so-lutely HILARIOUS.
Buddy Boy is outgrowing his need for a nap {are there tears on your keyboard too?}, but I've been really trying to enforce a one-hour rest time, aka, restoration of mother's sanity time.  Let's just say, so far, it's not terribly restful.  Anybody have any tips on keeping the little rascals in their jail cells???
So proud.
Buddy Boy is a serious cleaning machine.  He pulls out that yellow rubber glove and a wipe or sponge and goes to town around our apartment.  At the Big Build, he was given a cloth to wipe the sheetrock mud off his hands and he decided that while he was at it, he'd just clean all the floors of the museum.  He really keeps me laughing.
There was an interactive pipe-bending demonstration.  After which, each child was sent home with his very own, 6-foot long piece of bent pipe.

Uh, thanks.
I carefully arranged our two pieces of this lovely pipe in the stroller, with a couple feet sticking out the top.  After nearly impaling myself with it several times, and having one child use a piece of pipe to engage in a good-hearted attempt at murder in the museum bathroom, I decided those puppies were headed for the trash.  And fast.
Everything else about the day was just perfect, and the Mister arrived home on the red-eye from California the next day, which meant life was back in balance.


BettieBoyd said...

The Big Build pictures are so exciting! Glad to see Jacob back home.

Laura said...

haha! some good stories in here! was so good to see all of you that day, and the pictures are great! i think my favorite is cleaning the floor.

Aunt Betty said...

As for the nap I found that putting them in front of Mr. Rogers everyday during "quite time" worked like a charm. A. it was educational B.the volume did not change C. No excitable sections D. They loved it (especially when Mr. Rogers went on a field trip) E. If they were in need of a nap they would fall asleep watching it. I don't know if it still on tv but I am sure you can get the CD's someplace.

Julie said...

The boys look like construction apprentices! What great pictures!

Emily said...

What an awesome day for 2 litle boys! And Julia is so beautiful, as always! I laughed so hard about the pipes - hysterical! What were they thinking giving that as a souvenir?!?!?! Hope little guy continues to improve with his peanut allergy, but I'm sorry for the setback!

Anika said...

Oh no about Andrew! But a little hiving and itching is so much better than anaphylaxis (sp?) So that's good, right?!

I love that musuem and can't wait to go back with you on another visit now that my little builder is better able to participate :)