Sunday, October 14, 2012

For Wowo

One of my earliest memories is from a time when my brother and I were staying with my grandparents, while Mama was in the hospital, having just delivered my baby brother. My grandmother, Wowo, was taking us up to the hospital to meet the new baby, and I wanted to take flowers to Mama.  Wowo let me pick pansies from the flower bed beside her driveway, and gave me a juice glass with an inch of water in the bottom, into which I stuffed those delicate stems.  The last I remember of that day is clutching that juice glass to my chest in the backseat of the car, feeling so proud and pleased, and so grateful to my grandmother.  
Wowo celebrated another year of life this week.  I wish I could have been there to celebrate with her.
I would have brought her pansies in a juice glass.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Wowo!


BettieBoyd said...

A sweet tribute to your sweet Wowo. Wonderful pictures!

The Cagles said...

how precious!

Morris Middleton said...

Very, very poetic -- as always. I still say you'd make a better writer than lawyer, and you're a very good lawyer!

And happy birthday to you, Mrs. Sullivan.

Aunt Betty said...

You just gave her the best gift you ever could have! she will love this tribute. Great pix of her too.

The Steffens said...

Happy birthday, Wowo!