Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goodbye, Summer! Hello, Fall!

I am totally a beach and pool, water and sunshine girl, but once the pool closes and we've shaken the sand from our plastic buckets, I have no interest whatsoever in hot weather.  To me, hot weather with no nearby body of water just means sweat.  

I'm allergic to sweat.
So, bring on fall! A fall full of farm visits, apple picking and football game watching, crisp mornings and gorgeous, warm sunsets!
 We're ready!
Buddy Boy's language skills are exploding.  It's so exciting!  I just love hearing him talk.  It's like opening a treasure chest.  A few of the treasures we're enjoying so far?

Mama ('atta boy!)
op {as in, open}

We're loving it.

He's also signing in 3-word sentences, so that's fun, too!
Baby Girl is vocalizing too.  She is our little songbird.   Her chirps and melodies have become the soundtrack of our days.
With Little Guy leaving the nest more these days, I thought it might be prudent to have a conversation with him about personal safety.  I didn't want to scare him, but we do live downtown in a big city and there are all sorts of folks on the streets we wander.  I asked him a bit cautiously what he would do if anyone ever tried to take him away.

I would kick and kick and kick them and I would hit them so they falled down and broke their head open and I would certainly bite them.  I would break open their stomach.  I would knock them over and push them down and scraaaaaaaaatch them.  I would not let them take Buddy Boy and Baby Girl.  I would say, "You cannot take my brudder and my sister.  Give them back!  Right now!" and I would run away and run down the hall and knock really hard on our door.  But not too hard, because I don't want to hurt myself.

So.  I was relieved to know he won't injure himself in a knocking accident.

When the Mister got home, Little Guy regaled him with his master plan, and Buddy Boy joined in, stomping the floor with both feet, swinging his fists around, and giving several very determined air kicks.

As the Mister said, "Pity the fool who messes with our kids."
When we visited this same farm last year, Little Guy was excited, but nervous, to ride this barrel train around the farm.  As it ended up, he rode it, with the Mister walking beside him the whole way.  All year he has talked about riding it again...this time, totally by himself.  I thought he might chicken out at the last minute, but he stuffed his tickets in the bucket, blew me kisses and was on his way.
Buddy Boy was not quite as pumped.
Happy fall, y'all!


Aunt Cacky said...

This one produced several loud cackles from me! Your children are so beautiful in every way possible!

I miss you all terribly.

Much love.

The Steffens said...

I'm so glad Andrew won't be hurting himself in a knocking accident :)

BettieBoyd said...

Andrew's language skills are pretty advanced, too! I will be hiring JF and A as bodyguards for all DC trips to the downstairs CVS.

Eleanor said...

Beautiful babies!! Who does Julia look like - I can't quite figure it out - but she is stunning!