Saturday, July 14, 2012

In-Law Time

I am blessed to have a really awesome in-law family, and we are fortunate that their jobs often bring them to Washington.  Recently, my brother-in-law spent a couple weeks in town.  
He brought my niece with him for an extended visit.  She was such a trooper, bunking in with the boys and enduring some pretty terrible toddler antics from a certain little boy.
As it turned out, the Mister got called away on business for ten days during that time, and having her company and help was an absolute lifesaver.  We had such a good time hanging out with the kiddos at the pool and watching chick flicks after their bedtime.  It was good to get in some girl had been years since I last saw her!
The Mister's father also was on business just a few hours away, so he drove down for a weekend.  And then, my mother-in-law flew in to meet everyone in DC.
 We got to celebrate her birthday together!  I just wish the Mister could have been there, too.
Any time I hear someone sharing tales of in-law horror, I just count my blessings, because mine are truly wonderful.


Aunt Cacky said...

You are a lucky girl indeed! I know you enjoyed your time will all!

The thirty little toes and ten little fingers are adorable.

Golden Gate Fam said...

Your niece is so beautiful!