Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buddy Boy, These Days

Buddy Boy is the comedian in the family.  He considers humor to be the answer to most problems, and spends his day pantomiming and signing jokes for our enjoyment.  If he knows he's in trouble, his first recourse is always a loud, deliberate laugh, given on the off chance that we'll join in and forget about his misdeeds.  I'll say it does work on occasion.

He's also a charmer.  If he wants permission to do something, he'll give his biggest, open-mouthed grin, and nod his head up and down adamantly, batting his eyelashes, until eventually you find yourself thinking ok, yeah, that does sound like a good idea...a really good fact, a great idea...go right ahead, Buddy Boy.

Buddy Boy is my mischief maker.  He is the one to initiate stuff like filling the toilet with tissue, throwing clothes around the room, tossing extra laundry detergent into the washer, and scrubbing the sink with his toothbrush.  Depending on big brother's mood, he'll either be shocked and come running to tell me, "Mama, we've got a major problem!  MAJOR problem!  Buddy Boy is...." or I'll hear him cackle, "Ooooooo, that's a good idea, Buddy Boy!" and I know to hunt them down immediately, because things are about to head waaaaay south.  Our wild man makes life exciting!
He is rough in his play and affection.  He gives tackling hugs, squeezes Baby Girl's hands in glee, roars at playmates, and will even bite when he is really excited.  He roams a playground like a big kid.  He jumps high, he slides fast, he runs hard.  He rarely cries over boo-boo's, although he loves to point them out to everyone and relive his war stories long after the scabs have healed and the bruises have faded.

Even though I knew he was ready, I had been waiting to potty train him, because I didn't feel like we could do it without him talking.  However, the speech hasn't come yet, and he is essentially potty training himself, so I think I'm going to take the full plunge when our current diaper supply runs out and we'll just sign our way through it.  He'll be the world's proudest potty trainee.

He loves to ball up his little fists in front of his face and show me how very big muscles are, and lie down to stretch his toes way out and show me how big he is.
His sign for "where?"...a favorite question.
He's done really well with the transition to being the middle child.  He's proud of being one of the big boys now, and expects to do every last thing Little Guy does.  But when Little Guy isn't around, he wants to have some baby time.  He likes to snuggle up to me and be cradled while we sing lullabyes.  It's the perfect mix for both of us.


The Cagles said...


Aunt Betty said...

He is just like his Granddaddy, Gaga! We girls hated the way he could get out of ALL trouble just by making Mama laugh! He also did not talk until he was ready, and Mama said that when he did it was in complete sentences. He is a charmer just like your daddy was/is. He could get any of us to do anything for him, he was the most adored by all. Sooo if he turns out half as well as your daddy has you have it made in the shade with that one! Love to you all.

BettieBoyd said...

See how sweet your Aunt Betty is? She is so right--our JF has got Sullivan charm in spades. Love, Mama

Aunt Cacky said...

I'm loving these updates about the boys. They are both so precious and so different in personality. I can't wait to see you all!

Much love,

Aunt Cacky

The Steffens said...

Yay baby updates. I've LOVED these last two posts. I miss those boys.