Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Washington Memorial Day

My brother brought his little family to DC this weekend to meet Baby Girl.
The great thing about living in a tourist city is you get motivated to see all the sights again when you have company in town.  And see the sights we did.  Mile after sweaty, 90 degree mile.

Until the littlest ones among us had to crash under the shade of a tree by the White House for a snack attack.
And seeing as how that shade was so nice, we stayed there a spell.  Right up until we gathered enough energy to relocate the troops to a lovely restaurant lined with photographs of all the Congressmen and Presidents who have dined there since 1906.  The host was a bit wide-eyed at our stroller brigade.  But we only broke one plate!

After deep naps for most of us and a few hours at the office for the Mister, we hit the full dress rehearsal for the National Memorial Day Concert on the lawn of the Capitol.  All the glitz and glory of the real thing, with a tenth of the crowd.

Little Guy was really excited to see the moon.  He's usually in bed before dark!
The next day, we visited the Air and Space Museum, and then happened to catch the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on our way to lunch.  Highlight of the weekend for Buddy Boy?  Most definitely.
My favorite view of the Capitol, from the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.
When my brother and sister-in-law came for Little Guy's birth, they went to a Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood.  Apparently, my SIL has been talking about it ever since.
So, of course, we paid a visit.
Hope it was as good as she remembered!
Then, we pulled on floaties and went swimming in our building's indoor pool.

She's a poolside napper.

The third and final day of their visit, we all agreed to lay low and just hang out, but then the itch got the best of us, and we headed out again. We just had to take cuzzie to dip her toes in the fountains at the Sculpture Garden!

And right outside the Sculpture Garden, was the Memorial Day Parade route.
So, it was bomb pops and flag-waving time for us.

A little BBQ at the joint down the street made our Memorial Day complete.  Our visitors were off to catch their late flight, and we were off to bed!  SUCH a fun weekend!


Julie said...

What an action packed and fun weekend you all had - loved all the patriotic pictures!

Golden Gate Fam said...

Looks like a great weekend!

BettieBoyd said...

Lily Rose said today that she wants to go back to Washington ABC, and see Julia some more!

The Cagles said...

I think LR has more dresses than Eileen! :)

Aunt Cacky said...

Adorable photos of everyone. The mommas have done an incredible job of outfitting their very patriotic children. Are there any BBBS traditions for Memorial Day?

Much love to all.