Friday, February 3, 2012

So Much Better Than It Could Have Been

Last night, I had out the beach towels, the big bucket, the cups of Sprite with curly straws, the Saltines,  the plastic bags, the paper towels, and the Clorox wipes.  I had the boys set up on the sofa and Mickey Mouse on the TV.  I was ready to go.
After a few days of GI issues with Buddy Boy, Little Guy had suddenly looked at me yesterday evening with fear in his eyes and thrown up all over the place.  And I had thought, oh, here we go.  Some nausea on my part and a repeat performance by Little Guy left me telling the Mister before bed, "We're all going down."  I prayed that it would be short, that it would be mild, that maybe Buddy Boy could be spared.  And, mercifully, the Lord answered each of my prayers.  We are just fine today!
In fact, we trotted over to the pediatrician's office for our 18 month and 3 year checkups.  The boys have both climbed the charts!  Little Guy's an even 30 pounds (25th%) and 39 inches tall (75th%!!!), while Buddy Boy is 21 pounds (10th%) and 31.5 inches (50th%).
As the Mister said, no one is throwing up today, and everything is so much better than it could have been, that--really--it can only be a great day!
I've slowly become accustomed to the playground stunts my boys (safely) stage, but they make other people really nervous.  A nanny we encountered yesterday kept pulling Buddy Boy off equipment he has mastered and telling Little Guy he couldn't attempt things he can do well.
 I guess she'd shudder to see what goes on in our apartment!
We're slowly making preparations for Baby Girl.  There's a growing stack of pink sleepers and sweet little dresses in the armoire.  Her super-slim car seat arrived the other day, and will likely go in this weekend, just to make sure that we can fit three across the back seat of our Jeep.  Really hoping we won't need a new car!  I've been driving this one since my senior year of high school, and would like to eek out another year or two.  We're also making plans to turn our walk-in closet into her nursery, because three children in one bedroom is just too daunting a thought at the moment.  We can hardly wait for her arrival!
And I'll close out with the new trick around here...How old are you, Buddy Boy? {He also flashes his "one" when he hears mention of any number--two, five, thirty, doesn't matter!  He just knows it's a number!}


BettieBoyd said...

Who ever heard of being that prepared for the throwups?! No wonder you were spared the worst--you scared off the germs. PS--JF makes a great Number One! Love XX))

Malacy said...

What a sweet little boy finger! Glad your day turned out for the best!

The Steffens said...

You've had the same car since high school?? That is AMAZING. No cars last that long. You must take really good care of it. My college car decided it didn't like to start all the time in winter. That was kind of a deal breaker. haha.