Friday, January 20, 2012

One Day

some days i think
just hang in there
it will get easier

one day
they will get older

they will need less of you

they will be more capable
they will be more obedient
they will be more rational
and then i watch them
in footie pajamas
with dinosaurs on them

eyeing me over the rims of their sippy cups
milking up before bed

happy to be sitting with one another
safe at home
content under my care
and i think

one day
they will need less of me

one day 
i won't know where they are each evening

one day
they will sleep the whole night long in their very own beds

one day 
they won't consider my visits to the bathroom a spectator sport

one day
they won't even wear footie pajamas anymore

especially not with dinosaurs on them

and i think
can't they stay this way forever?


Julie said...

You brought tears to my eyes - what beautiful thoughts and oh, so true!

The York Family said...

Sweet! This, too, brought tears to my eyes, as my "baby" boy turns one, and you do realize that the days are long but the years are short! Your boys are precious, and I'm thrilled about baby #3 on the way!

Confessions said...

so sweet, elizabeth. and so true. ug. my heart hurts thinking about it. on the other hand, i will store away your words for those nights when i only get about 3 winks of sleep. maybe that will help. :)

sbbales said...

So sweet and so true. You have such a way with words.