Monday, December 26, 2011

The Eve

Happy Boxing Day from Alabama!  We are spending the day eating leftover breakfast casserole and sweet rolls, munching on Christmas candy, and resting off the whirlwind of festivities surrounding the glorious birth of our Savior.
As is tradition, we spent Christmas Eve going to Mass and then on to my grandmother's house for dinner with my father's side of the family.  
Everybody pitched in a little, whether with the cooking or the dish washing, and it was wonderful to still be able to celebrate at Wowo's.
 Or Gigi's, or Grandmother's, or whatever you call the home of this lovely lady of many monikers.
Buddy Boy helped himself to all the appetizers, and spent much of the evening carrying around chips swiped through guacamole, and crackers dabbed with sour cream and topped with salmon and capers.  He very kindly passed out his creations to all the partygoers, some of whom mentioned that it seemed as if someone with a highly productive salivary system may have taste-tested them first.
This year's game of the night involved head sensors and ear lobe clips and the brain-willing of a motorized toy.  It had all the looks of a great big hoax, but after our very scientific tests of its authenticity, we're convinced it's for real.  But really, the most fun comes in watching people get all Star-Trekked up and try to concentrate on concentrating really hard!
Usually, we arrive to Birmingham on Christmas Eve, having woken up early and missed naps and travelled all day.  It can make Christmas Eve rather trying for the babies.  We spent last year with Little Guy passed out in our laps for most of the night and Buddy Boy screaming from the sling.  But this year, the boys and I got in a few days before, and it made all the difference in the world.  Even in the sleepy, later hours, Buddy Boy was content.  

 We all were.
One of our it's-not-Christmas-Eve-without-it traditions is to pop poppers at the end of dinner.  Everyone must don the paper crowns and read aloud their enclosed corny joke.  These jokes are so bad.   Like, they make Laffy Taffy jokes seem really funny.  And that's what makes the whole thing so great!
After a flurry of presents and merriment, and a little time spent at their Daddy's knee, it was time to head home.  Santa was on his way!


Julie said...

What a fun Christmas Eve for all the adults and children - y'all looked so festive!

V's Mama said...

Oh how I love all your family traditions!!! You. Look. BEAUTIFUL. Love the profile photo of you. Stunning. :)

Katherine said...

Merry Christmas, my dear! I've swapped with you--we're in D.C. tonight and heading back to Alabama in a few days, from Charlottesville. A young mother in Scott's family showed me a blog this weekend that you might like. Have you heard of Soule Mama? She's a mother of 5 and has a neat blog with do it yourself-ish activities and beautiful pictures (but I haven't explored it in detail.) Take care!

Katherine said...

I meant to add that the other blog she likes is Sew Liberated. It looked kind of cool, too.

The Steffens said...

Yay for not traveling on Christmas Eve and being all rested and able to enjoy the day! Doing parties on travel days are the worst. Looks like so much fun!