Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's a pain to park in our building parking garage every day and a pain to have to use a parking garage at the grocery store, BUT on cold, rainy days, it sure does make for a nice, dry grocery run.

I've got sciatica in my left leg and a burning varicose vein in my right, BUT I haven't thrown up in a week!

Quarters are tight in this city apartment, BUT I only have to plug the vacuum cleaner in once to do all the floors in our home.

I'm working out twice a week, which is something I've never before done in pregnancy, BUT it seems to be making no difference in my weight gain.  Must be that whole 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing, right?

I forgot to go to my 18 week OB appointment and I forgot to even make a 15-month well baby appointment for Buddy Boy, BUT I can still remember my full name and address.  {Small victories!}

We broke 4 ornaments along the way, BUT the boys and I managed to get the tree up and trimmed all by ourselves.  And occupy a whole day doing it!

The Mister is sick with allergies, BUT he's spending most of the weekend at home with us.

After mothering my little boys these past few years, I would be perfectly content to have a whole pack of boys, BUT we all think this new baby is a girl.  {We'll find out soon!}

Little Guy thinks the three wise men bring gold, myrrh, and "makingsense," BUT he's learning the Christmas story.

Life is good!


BettieBoyd said...


Julie said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face - you are so good at finding the silver lining!

Wanting What I Have said...

All too fun! And yea for not throwing up in a week!!! Hooray!!! That is SO hard! Especially with little ones to care for. Your boys are adorable and I can't wait to find out if bebe is a girl! :) Love to all of you!

V's Mama said...

You're such a good mama, E. Love seeing your take on things. Can't WAIT for Christmas to see YOU!

Morris Middleton said...

When I lived in DC, people would put dirty notes on my car just 'cause it had an Alabama tag, I think. Yes, metropolitan parking is a trial.... Ha! Have fun. This is a very rich period of your lives. Blessings and love to all characters in this wonderful blog.