Monday, October 24, 2011

Soccer Tots

The domino players in our house have stepped it up a notch or eight.  It's an intense operation.
We took the boys to Soccer Tots this weekend.  On the way over, I was holding the Mister's hand and commenting on how this day was sort of the beginning of all that is to come...years of cold bleachers and warm coffee and our boys kicking balls up and down a field.
I took care to explain to Little Guy that he would need to listen carefully to the grown-ups and participate with the other children.  Since he doesn't go to school, sometimes his willingness for group activities is a little lacking.  He assured me he would follow all the rules and directions.
We arrived with our 5-inch soccer ball, a prize Little Guy won at Dave and Buster's, and hoped the coach would have an extra "real" ball.  I'd been told that the morning would be very relaxed, so I wasn't too worried about our lack of equipment.
Well, it was so relaxed that I have not a single picture of soccer-playing.  Because there was not a single minute of soccer-playing.  I think Soccer Tots should be renamed Playground Tots.  But it was super fun!
It was basically a big family playdate at the park.  Where the activity only stopped intermittently, out of reverence for the overhead flight of an airplane or the howling passage of a fire truck.  You know how it goes with toddlers.
We really had an excellent time.
 And Buddy Boy tried to do every last thing that Little Guy did.
 He succeeded most of the time.

But when he didn't, he whipped out his scowly face, complete with heavy inhale-exhales through pursed lips.  His inhale-exhales carry great meaning.  There's the scared set, the excited set, the frustrated set, and the please-oh-please-give-me-that-thing set.  We've become very attuned to his breathing around here.
Little Guy conquered the balance beam.
 And Buddy Boy mastered going down the slide all by himself.
After a little high-flying swing time, our morning was complete.
Soccer, schmoccer.  There's always next year for the real thing.

I've got a few ideas for posts swirling around in my head...Air Travel with Young Children, Storage Solutions in Small Spaces, How We're Curing Our Picky Eater, Baby-Led Weaning: An Update, and Helpful Household Tricks.  Which should I write first?  Let me know in the comments if you have an interest in any of them!  And if they all sound horribly boring, well, no need to let me know that.  ;)


The Welden Family said...

Love to hear about how you are curing your picky eater!! :)

Mary-Margaret Brown said...

I'm all about organization and simplicity right now, so I vote for storage solutions in small spaces and helpful household tricks, BUT, all of your posts are wonderful so I'd love to read all!

BettieBoyd said...

Please write all possible posts! Glad the soccer was introductory! Love, Mama

The Steffens said...

OMG, I want all of those posts. Where was that air travel post a few weeks ago?? I vote for storage solutions first, air travel second, household tricks third, baby led weaning fourth, and picky eating fifth.

Eleanor said...

I want to hear more about picky eaters...or feeding your kids in general! Tell us again about what you did to start solid foods with Buddy boy.

Nesser said...

Air travel, air travel!

Julie said...

Your blog is never boring! Just keep them coming!
Enjoyed the delightful playground pictures! JF sure looked happy on the slide!

BettieBoyd said...

Looking at these again, can't believe how HIGH Andrew swings and how TALL a slide JF goes on! They are adventurous! Love, Mama

BettieBoyd said...

PS--I have never seen anything like the dominoes! Are they resting on Legos?

The Cagles said...

I'd like to see storage in small places.

Allison said...

I vote for the baby led weaning!

Katherine said...

The dominoes/legos picture is amazing- such a beautiful shot.