Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After I forced my family through a photo shoot {some members of the family requiring more forcing than others :)}, Little Guy took off for the water's edge.
 The sunset was casting the perfect, golden light.
 And the waves were very mild in comparison to the tropical storm whitecaps of just a few days before.
 I thought it was so funny how he hoisted his britches the whole time.
As if keeping the hem dry really matters when you're going to lie down in the wet sand.
 This boy really loved the beach...the sand, the ocean, the wildlife.  He reveled in it all.
 His cuzzie did, too!
How great it is to see something so big when you yourself are so very small.  You can't help but marvel at God's creation.


Wanting What I Have said...

GREAT pictures!!! The cuzzies are so cute!

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs!!!

ElissaMLF said...

What fantastic pictures. I especially love the last one. So sweet! Your boys are so lucky to have cousins so close to them in age. I loved having cousins only days and months older and younger than me, and hope that my girls will have good releationships with their cousin(s), too.