Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We had a really nice weekend.  I hope you did, too!
 On Saturday, we made a shortish visit to the Zoo.
Shortish really is the way to go, when it's H-O-T outside and the children approach the need for naptime rather quickly.
 Some lasted longer than others.
 But it was a good time.
Some time was also spent discovering a new obsession: building cup castles.  We were rather impressed that he could build this "own self," as he likes to say.  Soon, he'll be like this boy.  :)
We attended a birthday party at a new park in town.
 With a really cool wading pool.
We'll definitely be going back.
The only problem with weekend mornings is there's not enough space in Mama's lap.
If Buddy Boy is awake while the Little Guy is asleep, it is all I can do to keep him from crawling into their room to wake up his big brother.  Once I do tell him it's time to get Little Guy up, he'll take off down the hallway, bust through the door, heft himself onto the bed with a one-leg-up maneuver, and then flip, hug and tackle until the Little Guy agrees to get up.
 I have discovered a big time and effort saver: frozen, pitted cherries.  I love fresh cherries, but it's a lot of messy and tedious work to quarter and pit as many cherries as Buddy Boy will put away at breakfast (two small plates' full!), and he doesn't seem to mind that they're frozen.  In fact, I think they feel good on his tender little gums.  And Little Guy adores frozen mango.  Fruit that's less expensive and already cut into baby bites?  Sounds good to me.
 Apparently feeling the need to diversify the sports played in this household, Little Guy devised a collapsible colander tennis racket.
I guess my chore instruction has rubbed off on the Little Guy.  Either that, or he's Tom Sawyering his brother.
Life is fun these days.
It's sometimes frustrating.  Often, hard.  Always, exhausting.  

But, all the while, it is so very much fun.


Julie said...

Looks like John Fletcher's hair is almost a strawberry blonde!
I feel sure that the cup stacking he inherited from his father - bet it'll be cards next!
I loved the penguin walk - looks like a new dance!

BettieBoyd said...

SO wonderful!!!The penguin video is so delightful! they play together so nicely! And by the way, the space in your lap looks just perfect! All our love on the eve of JF's birthday! XXOO, Mama and Daddy

Laura said...

LOVE the "walking like a penguin." i'm always impressed with how well they get along and what a good big brother andrew is!

Wanting What I Have said...

Y'all are so fun! And the boys are adorable! I love the picture of you with both of them in your lap. Preciousness!