Monday, August 22, 2011

The National Aquarium

We took a little day trip to the National Aquarium, which is in Baltimore, Maryland.
 It was SO COOL!
 This aquarium is way better than the one in downtown DC, and totally worth the trip.
A few travel tips for anyone who might visit: 1. There is no parking lot at the aquarium.  I don't know why I assumed there would be.  We found a garage a few blocks down for $20.  It felt like home.  2. No strollers are allowed.  Pack your baby carrier or borrow one there.  3. We lunched afterward at Hoolihan's, which was next door to the aquarium.  It was an excellent choice...the food was good and came fast, it's on the water, and they had the best kids' menu I've ever seen.
4. Buy your tickets online in advance.  Some entry times sell out.  And if you like jumping dolphins, pick the dolphin show package for a couple dollars more.
 Little Guy and I both thought it was great!
The whole thing was so much fun.
 The boys loved being able to see all the fish up close and touch the glass as they swam by.

Based on how much he still talk about it, I think Little Guy's favorite part was seeing the sting rays be fed.  He does a very nice imitation.  :)
But when asked what his favorite part was, he told us it was these bubbles in tubes that decorate the lobby of the aquarium.  Ha!
My personal favorite was the jelly fish exhibit.  I love me some jelly fish {as long as they're behind glass!}, and these were particularly pretty.
Fun to get out of the city for the day and see something new!
{Had to throw this picture in, because I just love how he grabs onto us like a little monkey.  He's always got a handful of shirt or skin or hair.  He's such a sweet baby.}


Aunt Betty said...

The photos of the fish are great, the family photos of the four of you are terrific but the BEST MOST FAVORITE ONE OF ALL ISSSSSSSSSS the two boys, they do truly jsut adore each other!!!

BettieBoyd said...

Aunt Betty is right---the two boys enjoying each other's company is a wonderful picture---but my favorite is the whole family reflected in the glass! Also love the two nautically dressed boys! As the elevator lady said, "Look Herb, little pictures on their clothes!"

Andrea said...

I know you don't know me but I am a faithful blog stalker and I was just checking in on you and your family, I just heard about the earthquake. I hope you all are safe. Take Care!
*I may have two comments, not sure if my firt one went through*

Family Snodgrass said...

That is so kind of you, Andrea! We are just fine!