Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Excitement

Oh, there was big excitement this morning.  Super big excitement.  It was window washing day for our building.  Little Guy first spotted the ropes streaming past the windows, and then noticed the men bouncing from window to window.  His excitement was uncontainable, as he ran back and forth from window to window, monitoring the progress of all the "mens."  He got waves and smiles from all three of the men who washed our apartment's windows, and even one soggy slap of the squeegee right in front of his pressed-to-the-glass nose.  He thought it was hilariously wonderful!
Buddy Boy seems to have inherited his mother's flair for the dramatic.  If something terrible happens to him...say, his passy gets taken away...he collapses on the floor, arms outstretched, head buried in the carpet.  He may chance a lifting of the head, but if he sees that he stills has an audience, that head flops right back down in despair.  I must say it's pretty effective.
He got a little beat up at the pool last week.  Sometimes his legs crawl so fast that his arms can't keep up, and he lurches forward onto his face.  The pool concrete doesn't help matters.  I'm hoping it'll heal up soon, 'cause it's kinda pitiful.  :(
This weekend we took a trip to a playground we hadn't visited since the spring.  It was so amazing to see how much more competent Little Guy had gotten in just those few months.  Last time, I was very nervous about him playing on some parts of the toddler structure.  This time, I knew he was totally fine and could conquer even most of the big kids' structure.  It's hard to notice the changes from day to day, but they are a-happenin'.
 He's turning into a little boy.
 Good thing I've got an honest-to-goodness baby right behind him!
We're having such a good time right now.  I really feel like we're in a groove, which is the same way I remember feeling when Little Guy was Buddy Boy's age.  Everyone told me that having two children so close together would be hard for the first year, and then it would be great, because they would become playmates.  Everyone was right.  There are a lot of games of chase being played in our household these days.  And it's awesome!  I love my lively apartment.
I've gotta run...some bathroom cabinet reorganization is calling my name.  But don't you love the bear crawl that Buddy Boy has perfected for hot surfaces?  Such a smart boy!  :)  Now, if he'd just stand up and walk...

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BettieBoyd said...

They are both so pretty!! And they play so exuberantly!! Love, Mama