Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend

We have been SICK around here.  A virus has made its way through all of us.  Fevers, gooky eyes, runny noses, hacking coughs, for days and days on end.  On Friday night, I could not stop coughing for hours, and the Mister made a midnight journey for cough suppressant.  I woke the next morning to find that he had fed both boys and taken them on a run, letting me sleep late.  He'd also left me a note. 
 He takes such good care of me.

I love holiday weekends.  Especially when it turns out that the Mister doesn't have to work!  We spent our weekend recuperating, recreating, relaxing, and knocking out a few household projects.

A spur-of-the-moment decision to catch a baseball game.
 Mmmmm...ballpark french fries.
 Watching the game from his Daddy's knee.
 The Little Guy was horrified when he saw the man next to us throwing his shells on the ground.  "Mommy, he making a big MESS 'round here!"  Context is hard to explain to our cut and dry 2 year-old.  He is all about some rules and distinctions.  {Not to say that he always follows them, but sure loves discussing them.}
 We found cotton candy.  Oh, happy day!
We spent Sunday swimming with friends in their rooftop pool and chowing down on gourmet pizza.  I love having family friends.

Monday, we had a babysitter for the day and got several projects done.  It's AMAZING how much you can do when the munchkins are occupied!  My favorite?  We hung these canvas prints, which I ordered using a combination of birthday money from my parents and a LivingSocial deal, on the wall of the den.  I'm kind of in love and plan on growing the collection.
And then we went to a movie at the independent theatre down the street from us, since we were kidless and all.  The Tree of Life.  Weirdest movie of all time.  Really gorgeous images, but absolutely no plot, very little dialogue, and--in a movie set in the 1950s--scenes ranging from underwater closeups of ocean life to oil bubbles to pictures from outer space to interactions between dinosaurs to desert panoramas.  The screen went totally black and silent many times throughout the movie, and it was difficult to tell at any one of those times whether it was over.  It was way over our heads.  Or else that was the point.  Hard to tell.  Anyway, I did enjoy it, but less as a movie and more as just a peaceful array of images.  Can't say the Mister really thought it was that great.  ;)  But it was a date!  And there were Junior Mints!

And then...we took the boys, all jammied up, to the fireworks show on the Mall.  We were so thankful that we could leave our apartment 20 minutes before the show, walk down to the Mall to find a spot, and then just walk home.  People camp out on the Mall for hours beforehand and spend hours getting home by packed Metro trains, just to see these fireworks.
 The show was beautiful, despite the smoke cloud that hung around in the breezeless air.
 Little Guy cried.  Buddy Boy craned his neck to see every one.
It was a good night.  Happy 4th of July, y'all!


V's Mama said...

Amazing photos and I LOVE your new photo display in the house!!! Can't wait to see your collection grow, sweet friend!

moore said...

I LOVE those canvas photos. Where did you get them done? I've never seen that before. So different!

The Cagles said...

the canvas prints are amazing! love! love it all!

Wanting What I Have said...

Your prints ROCK!!!! So beautiful! You are so talented and they turned out so beautifully!!!

Love that y'all had some time kidless. Such a blessing!

And the fireworks...OH MY!

Foodiebia said...

Best firework photos I've seen! Good job!

Julie said...

Best photos I've ever seen of the DC fireworks!!! So glad you were able to salvage the weekend! And I love the wall display of your outstanding photography skills!

Family Snodgrass said...

Bonnie, they were done by a company called pix2canvas. I was really pleased with their product!