Monday, June 6, 2011

B+C: The Leadup

We kicked off the wedding week of one of my dearest friends with a lakeside shower in Tuscaloosa.
 It was so great to get to spend a little downtime with the beautiful bride and her maids before the whirlwind of the wedding weekend.
I was both anxious and nervous about seeing Tuscaloosa in its post-tornado state.  
I'd seen so many pictures and heard so many accounts of the devastation, some straight from the bride, whose home was destroyed in the storm.  I wanted to see it in person, and yet, I knew it would be awful.  
And it was.  It was really, horribly, sickeningly terrible to see whole neighborhoods leveled and only rubble left, where homes and businesses once stood.  So many people's lives.
But there is beauty still.  
A mother and daughter who refused to let an awful storm dampen their spirits.  Who were determined that, despite the tornado, there would still be a beautiful wedding and a fabulous reception at the bride's family home.  Who fished wedding shoes out of rubble.  Who cleared and replanted whole forests' worth of trees in time for guests to dance the night away underneath them.  Who did all those last minute wedding to-do's {plus all the many more to-do's that would result under the circumstances} without a phone or internet connection.  And kept on smiling and laughing and giving praise the whole time.  It was amazing and beautiful.
The bridesmaids' luncheon was such fun.  A gorgeous, sunny day, with lunch and mani/pedis by the pool.  What a treat!

The celebration continued that night with cocktails and dinner for the bride and groom.

We were up early for a fun morning of getting dolled-up together.

And then it was TIME...
{stay tuned for the reception ;)}


Julie said...

It must have been a beautiful wedding with such beautiful people in it - can hardly wait for the reception!!
p.s. love how the bridesmaids' hair were done

Lynde said...

you are rockin' those darker locks! (especially love the black swim cover up with the go girl!) looks like a bunch of beautiful girls, hope you had loads of fun momma.

The Steffens said...

What strength and spirit. Brought tears to my eyes. Can't believe they did all that with their homes so devestated. Picking wedding shoes out of rubble!!

V's Mama said...

LOVE your hair, E! All the girls are looking SOOOO beautiful! Can't wait to see reception photos!

susan said...

Elizabeth, this is absolutely wonderful! You are amazing! Thank you for sharing this fabulous time with us. Love to all. Susan

Em said...

Elizabeth, your hair looked beautiful for the wedding! Who did it? Or where did you have it done? My sister is getting married and she wants an up do similar to yours!


Family Snodgrass said...

Emily, Brian Avery, who has a studio by that same name in Tuscaloosa, did all the bridesmaids' and the bride's hair.