Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to B'ham

After thoroughly enjoying ourselves in T-town, it was time to head back to B'ham.  The Mister had a few hours before his flight left, so the Little Guy wanted to show him the "river," where Gaga and Gr'Mudder take him to throw rocks and sticks.  He's at such an inquisitive age right now...deep questions about everything.  Sometimes, I think his communication skills fall short of his inquisitiveness, because he'll ask the same question over and over, seemingly searching for a different explanation.
 Lots of new thoughts bumping around in that head of his.  We do the best we can for our little philosopher.  :)
 Late one night back in junior high, deep into a sleepover, three of my best friends and I solemnly and with much oath-taking and pinky-looping, declared ourselves to be the Four Clovers.  As luck would have it, we were all in town at the same time--for one night and one night only!--and got together for hotdogs on the grill with the kiddos.
Buddy Boy did a pretty good job presiding over the junior crew.
And I hate that we forgot to take a group picture until our 4th Clover had left, but we had a great time catching up and watching the children play.
We also took a fun trip to the McWane Center with my sweet friend, who drove in from Huntsville.
We took a spin through the hurricane chamber, which was pretty amazing.  If I remember correctly, the wind got up to 90mph!
 Oh, wait, this is supposed to be for the kids?  Says who???
And we did those push pin boards, which are always a hit.   I think that's Little Guy on the right and his gal pal on the left.  Look at all those chubby cheeks!
We found the giganto eel in the aquarium.  {he's chillin' in that center rock}
 And made many brave attempts to touch a shark.  Every time one would get close enough to touch, the Little Guy would explain in all earnestness that that was not the particular shark he wanted to touch.  As it turned out, the particular one he wanted to touch was always whatever one was on the far side of the tank.  But he wanted to touch that one really badly.
Can you believe that this cute mama is 5 months along with her second baby???  And she's just as beautiful inside as out.  I love you, friend!  Thanks for coming to play with us!
Ok, this post has gotten really long and we were busy, busy, busy in B'ham and the boys are waking up now, be continued.  :)


Wanting What I Have said...

What a fun trip! Great pictures! And your hair is GORGEOUS!!! Wish you could come fix mine!

V's Mama said...

Miss you already, E! Thanks for the shout-out--- we had a blast playing together!!