Friday, May 6, 2011

Full Hands

Sometimes when I'm out with the boys, especially when I've got one crying in each arm or the baby slung to my chest and Little Guy balanced on my hip and am using my other hand to push the (empty!) stroller, people will say "You've got your hands full, don't you?"  I just smile and agree, because I do.  I'm glad that I do.  And I hope that these hands will be more and more full as the years go on.  But, boy, can it wear a girl out!
We've been having some major behavior and sleep issues with Little Guy.  It's frustrating.  It's tiring.  And it's very, very humbling.  
So, for a little breather, I'll just focus on what is positive right now, okay?  Like, the appearance of bare feet and sun hats and seersucker, even if it was just a few days later that the hooded jackets had to be pulled back out.
 Outdoor play that makes napping come a little more easily.  That's extremely positive!
 Playdates with friends.  Especially a friend who shares a deep appreciation of small rocks.
 An easygoing baby, who makes us all laugh.
The funny thought processes of toddlers.
A morning of play in front of the White House.
{this sweet girl's going to earn herself a sidebar picture one of these days, considering how much time we spend with her :)}

A crawly baby who has decided the blanket life is not for him.
And who recently has figured out peekaboo.
Questions like, "I stick my widdle toesies in, Mommy?  And ooooooone finger?"  Nice try, baby, but somehow I don't think the Secret Service is going to let you into that particular fountain.
 Squirrel chases.
 A black bean-eatin' Buddy Boy.
And brotherly love.  {Buddy Boy didn't cry but two seconds after the end of this video, despite how awful it looked.  Promise.}
Indeed, my hands are delightfully full.


Aunt Betty said...

I loved this post! So good to see them on video having fun playing. Can't wait to see you all soon.
Love Aunt Betty

The Cagles said...

:))))) We would graciously accept the sidebar picture when the time is right! Se is some kind of in love with An-Ew & "bay-BE" (you know, like with a ring on her left hand. I'm cool with a betrothal.)

ElissaMLF said...

SO cannot wait to see you all on Friday! :)

Julie said...

John Fletcher's eyes are "sparkling" in the stroller picture! I bet Andrew would love to run on the White House lawn!