Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love September in DC

Maybe it's because we moved here in September, setting out on our newlywed 'leave and cleave' adventure together, with so many of the best bits of life lying just ahead of us.
Or maybe it's because September signals the end of the tourist season around here and the beginning of the time when it's just us locals.  Which a magical sort of feeling when you live in a place like this.
Maybe it's because, growing up in Alabama, we got about three days of what you might really call fall.  And those three days sure weren't coming as early as September.
Or maybe it's because the crisp breezes and cool evenings ushered in by September make for perfect hide-and-seek conditions.
Perfect baby strolling weather.
Perfect baby snugglin' weather.
Perfect picnicking.
And perfectly content munchkins.
Whatever the reason, I love September in DC.


Laura said...

i do too! i was just thinking on my walk in this morning how beautiful it is out there.

V's Mama said...

How wonderfully said, my dear. Can't wait to share September in DC with you! Just a few. more. weeks. :) Love you, sweet girl!

BettieBoyd said...

JF has such a level gaze! He looks like you'd better give him a straight answer!

Julie said...

Looks like Andrew agrees with you -he looks like pure joy and JF looks like pure contentment!

Aunt Cacky said...

I wish I was there to enjoy it will all of you! Absoulutely beautiful photos of beautiful children.

Gigi said...

Loved all the pictures of those happy babies.