Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun with the Grands

A major advantage to having a mother-in-law who swims and power-walks and weight-lifts and yoga-izes is that she can keep up with the little guy!  No easy feat!  Each morning, while I've been recuperating and getting to know our new addition, the little guy has been swept off to Camp Grandma.  They've seen art exhibits and pushed Tonka trucks and crawled through tunnels and played ball and toured museums.  Whatever they could do to burn off all that toddler energy. 

Now Grandpa's gotten to DC and is in on the action.
Today, they did a repeat of Andrew's favorite Camp Grandma field trip: watering the flowers at the National Botanical Gardens.
As Grandma says, this activity requires "at least one change of clothing."  She's a brave woman!
Thank goodness for grands! 

And afternoon naps.


Aunt Betty said...

You are truly blessed to have such wonderful in-laws!! Give my love to everyone.

V's Mama said...

You are so, so blessed, and it's awesome to see how much you appreciate one another. I love you, sweet girl!