Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doing Well

Thanks, bloggy friends, for all your comment love over the past couple of weeks!  We really appreciate all your kind words and your prayers!
Things are going well at home.  My mother-in-law, Julie, is with us for a couple weeks, since doc's orders are not to lift Andrew for 3 weeks post-delivery.  She is a huge help with the little guy and is running the best diner around, and we are so thankful that she's here!
Itty Bitty and I are spending a lot of time nursing and diapering and sharing naps.  Going back to the teeny weeny baby stage is fabulous.  It's funny to think how overwhelming it felt to bring Andrew home, in comparison to how low-maintenance a newborn seems now.  Don't get me wrong...there's still the pain and the exhaustion and the 14-diaper-a-day habit that come with a new baby.  But John Fletcher rarely breaks through the "child-proof" gate, climbs the stairs, unlocks the front door, and takes off down the building hallway. 

While I'm in my bathrobe. 

In fact, he never does.  He doesn't even spit up!  (For real.)
I'm recovering nicely from the C-section, far more quickly and steadily than I did after Andrew's delivery.  I even made my first trip outside the building yesterday.  To pick up more pain meds at the pharmacy downstairs!
A couple people have asked me if I'm only posting the "good" pics of Andrew interacting with John Fletcher or whether he's really like that all the time.  Answer: he's really like that all the time!  We have been so blessed by the way in which Andrew has received his little brother.  There's been no jealousy, no attempted murder.  He's had his days of acting out (a LOT of food has been flung from that highchair tray in the past week), but I think that's attributable to the major disruptions in his normal routine, more than anything else.  Every morning when I bring John Fletcher out, Andrew asks to "hol" the "babeee," and throughout the day, he bends over his brother to give hugs and kisses and high-fives and to insert passies.  What a joy!
Jacob, as always, is being a shining star of a husband and father.  He's been back at work all week, but fully present and hands-on the moment he walks in the door.  Boy, am I glad I married that man!
So, Family Snodgrass is doing well.  And happier than ever to now number four!


Julie said...

I can attest to the fact that Andrew has been a real jewel in accepting his new brother! It is a wonderful thing to be a part of this growing family and there has not been a dull moment yet!

BettieBoyd said...

Thank you for these new pictures! He looks so content!I am so thankful to Julie for being there. Love, Mama

Kelly said...

Ugh! He is so beautiful! He looks alot different than Andrew to me. SUCH a blessing :)

Aunt Betty said...

He is just so cute...but i agree he does not look anything like Andrew. Has Julie said he looks like his Daddy did? You are going to have the cutest Christmas card photos with one dark haired little boy and one fair haired one! Love to you all

Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE IT!!! I am so happy your mother in law can be there to help and is such a wonderful cook! What a blessing. And I am so happy John Fletcher hasn't figured out that gate...yet! The pictures are amazing. He is beautiful! Your writing puts a smile on my face. We are overjoyed for you! All FOUR of you! And thrilled Andrew loves his little brother so much!

Rhonda Hennessy said...

This post made me smile! I'm so glad y'all are doing well!

Foodiebia said...

Loved these pictures and stories! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

He is just too cute!! Love his outfit!
Nicole O.