Thursday, August 12, 2010


What is bliss? 

It's seeing the love of your life cradle your newborn son.
It's kissing the soft cheek of your toddler.
It's knowing that your home has many crazy days ahead.
And it's snuggling with seven pounds of sweetness.

Bliss: we're in the thick of it.


Ole Miss Mom said...

SOOO SWEET!!! Congrats again!

Julie said...

Does life get any better than this!
I am so happy that you are all savoring these precious moments!

Rhonda Hennessy said...

I have been drooling over the pictures of you BEAUTIFUL, sweet new addition and I completely and selfishly forgot to tell you CONGRATS!! You truly look amazing! Can I just say again how jealous I am of your pregnancy/hospital pictures?? It's not fair!

I'll keep all FOUR of you in my prayers! As hectic as it may get, you know how fast it passes and I know you'll LOVE every single second with those sweet boys! I am hoping for lots of posts on "life with two" so I can take lots of notes for the future :)

Malacy said...

Thank you for sharing so quickly! We have been so anxious to see John Fletcher. Isn't is amazing how siblings automatically bond?

Virginia said...

So precious!!Can't wait to meet him in person! Love y'all!!!!!!!! -Vir

Janice said...

Jacob and Elizabeth, congratulations! He's just perfect, what a wonderful blessing.


Uncle Martin & Aunt Janice