Thursday, July 8, 2010

This and That

Ten little bits of this and that:

1. We've had many days of 100+ temps lately.  The baby pool is where it's at.

2. We've been trying to teach Andrew that he is only allowed to throw balls.  Andrew is now trying to teach us that ballhood is in the eye of the beholder.  He will raise a shoe, block, blueberry--whatever--above his head to throwing position and then turn to us and quite earnestly say, "ball. ball."

3. Jacob's brother came to visit for the 4th.  The boys played a good bit of XBox 360.
It's never too early to learn to work a joystick.
4. Painted on the wall of the waterpark locker room is a sparkling mermaid with flowing blonde hair.  As we strolled past it the other day, Andrew pointed and declared, "Mama."  I was pretty flattered.

5. To keep my ego in check, he later pointed at the mole on my cheek and asked, "boo-boo?"

6. Lately, I've been trying to tackle one small home organization project each day before we go out to play.  Because this baby is coming soon, ready or not.  I've got all the newborn clothes sorted and washed, the daygowns ready to iron, and multiple drawers cleared out for John Fletcher's use.  We took an entire trunk load of donations to Goodwill over the weekend.  Yesterday's project was weeding through boxes of old costume jewelry.

7. The little guy can now say and identify "blue."  Must be genius.

8. New breakfast of choice is cold cereal with the tiniest splash of milk.  The main object of the game is to see just how many "Keex" can be fit into one's mouth at any given time. 
He's a champion.
9. Andrew loves to read, and we're slowly getting better at reading all the words on a page before flipping to the next.  But he is severely disturbed by the fact that in touch-and-feel books, there are some pictures with no touch-and-feel aspect.  And even worse, that in flap books there are some pages (and for that matter, covers!) with no flaps to pull down.  We spend much time agonizing over this.  For real.

10. At the end of the priest's homily on Sunday, Andrew started signing away and calling out "mo', mo', mo', mo'!"  Unfortunately for the little guy, no encore was offered.


BettieBoyd said...

I thought your pastor gave a pretty good homily when I was there, too! Andrew is so precocious.

Julie said...

It must be in the genes - Andrew looks so intent with the joystick (just like his Dad and Uncle!) I loved how he thought the mermaid was you!

Aunt Betty said...

Is it just me or did some of the photos not show up on others computers? Cute little guy can't wait for his little brothers arrival!

Anne Layton said...

I LOVE 4 and 9!!!!!! So cute!

Foodiebia said...

What a great post!