Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, Well

It's sunny with a high of 98 here in DC.  A perfect day for the pool. 

But we're quarantined at home, waiting on what my Mama calls Andrew's 'big event of the day,' because...well...the big event of the day hasn't happened in two days, despite lots of fruit and fiber.  And now I've given him a glycerine suppository laxative.  The bottle says it should produce results in 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

Almost three hours later?

No results. 

A trip to the pool is pretty much a sure ticket to social pariahdom.  Swim diapers are no match for the big event of the day.

And now he's gone and eaten a piece of chalk.  That probably won't help.


Confessions said...

I can't quit laughing. Bless your soul!

Holland said...

try giving him slices of watermelon, or prune apple juice (straight, not diluted). we deal with this from time to time, as you know...
the suppositories don't work from time to time. it's happened to us. i have a few tricks... e-mail me if you need me... they're not really appropriate for your comment section!!