Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bear With Me, Please

I'm trying to figure out posting by cell phone, because I predict that a 4-day stay in the hospital with a new baby and no internet access for picture-posting will not make for happy grandaparents and aunts.  Best to get these things sorted out in advance!  And I just knoooooow the rest of you will want a peek at a brand-new John Fletcher too, right?  :)

If anyone has any tips on the technical stuff, please share.  Right now, I've sent two pictures by MMS and neither has appeared on the blog.  I sent one text message and it got chopped into two parts, but did appear on the blog.  Help!


Wanting What I Have said...

I know Ole Miss Mom reads...she's published from her phone before. Maybe she can offer a few tips? But yes, please get this all sorted out ahead of time. You know we can't wait to lay eyes on that handsome baby boy!!! and hear all about him!

Praying for you!

MeeRan said...

Hi Elizabeth! Wow, your due date is coming up soon! Hopefully you won't be in the hospital too long. I was released in three days after proving to the doctors and nurses that I could walk on my own after 1 1/2 days. My hospital had wi-fi and a computer available, but since I have my Blackberry, I didn't need it. You might want to check with your hospital, many now have Internet access! Your posts did come through on your blog (in three separate posts) but no pictures yet. BTW, love the pics of Andrew!

Ole Miss Mom said...

Yes, I have published from my phone, but it was by email...I would send an email to course after I set it up with my phone and blogger.

But I've never done it by text....


Keep trying, there's got to be a way!

Patricia said...

Yes, I would love to see pictures...can't believe he is coming so soon!!!
Sorry I quit my blog...I may pick it up later, just not right now.
Or I may write when big occurances happen...just not everyday life.

Miller said...

Another option if you or Jacob has a blackberry with an unlimited data plan is the app "Tether." You download it on both your bberry and your computer and just hook your phone to the comp via USB cable and voila, you have fully functional internet! Go to You can do a free 7 day trial (which should get you through the hospital trial) or you can pay a one time fee and have it forever.