Sunday, June 6, 2010

Itty Bitty Update

Reaching the 30 week mark makes me feel like we can start the countdown to John Fletcher's arrival!  Due to complications with Andrew's delivery, the plan is to deliver John Fletcher by C-section on August 10.  That's just 9 weeks away!!! says he's now about 15.7 inches long and weighs almost 3 pounds.  Big boy!  And he's definitely stronger.  The kicks and punches are pretty intense now, and we've reached that very strange stage of pregnancy where I frequently see a little arm or foot pop out of my abdomen.  There's a lot of tumbling going on, too.  John Fletcher is much more active than Andrew ever was at night.  If I stir in my sleep, he rises and shines.  This results in many nighttime moments spent debating the merits of turning over.

My boy and me at 29 weeks: 
Just this morning, when John Fletcher was doing some 5:30 AM aerobics, I started to think about all the things we need to do in the next 9 weeks: sort and re-wash all the newborn clothes, build the bassinette, paint those wall letters, buy (lots and lots of) tiny diapers, find some way to make the nursery acommodate two boys' things, and so on.   Not a good way to get back to sleep.

Maybe I should have spent some of that glorious second trimester energy on these projects, 'cuz the third trimester sure has arrived!  I'm feeling large, but not very in charge.  My back pain is way less than with Andrew, but ever increasing.  And some days, I'm just completely wiped out.  Overall, though, things have been much easier this time around, and I am supremely thankful to have the privilege of carrying this baby. 

Can we just marvel for a minute at the perfection of God's plan for pregnancy?  I've been thinking about this a lot.  It seems to me that the first trimester and all its discomforts give us the immediate, HUGE signal that life as we know it is changing.  We are swept away by pregnancy.  There is no ignorning the blooming of new life. It's a difficult time, but the beautiful emotions that accompany new pregnancy carry us through, and then--just when it feels like it's all too hard--we're given the respite of second trimester.  Sure, everything is still different, but we're a little better adjusted and the discomfort is not so urgent.  We can just sit back and enjoy the new baby inside us.  During that time, we get to feel the first flutters turn into recognizable kicks and punches.  Then, the third trimester hits and we are again keenly aware that life is changing...imminently.  We are forced to slow down and rest while waiting.  By the time we're full term, there is absolute desperation to have that baby in our arms right now, no matter what we have to go through to get them there.  And so our bodies and our hearts are prepared to welcome His child!  What wonderful blessings!


Kelly said...

It's funny that you wrote that last paragraph about god preparing us for baby. I was talking about that exact thing with some women last night! He's a smart man making us wait so long or else I dont think there would be near as many itty bittys around :)

BettieBoyd said...

That's it exactly. The baby comes when you can't stand another minute--it's perfect! PS You look lovely, dearest!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful post and I am so blessed to know exactly what you are talking about. Even though Caroline arrived 3.5 weeks early and I didn't have to get to that extremely uncomfortable stage - i can remember it all so vividly.

So excited for you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Elissa said...

Is it me, or did the exhaustion return earlier this time around? (I think) I remember having more energy at this point when pregnant with Amelia... oh well! You look great, and it sounds like our kiddos will be about a week apart. We have a C-section scheduled for August 16th, but I have a feeling that this little girl might arrive earlier, so we'll see!

Camille said...

Hey there...just hopped over from "J's" blog ~ Wanting What I Have. It is lovely to "meet" you! Your little boy with his gorgeous blue eyes is very sweet. :) How exciting for you to anticipate the arrival of boy #2!! I didn't find out what we were having...ever...but we DO know what it is to have boys in succession. FUN TIMES lie ahead for you. How precious that you will have two boys to play with each other. It is JOY and CRAZY all at the same time. I *LOVE* my boys...they really are blessings!

May the LORD give you all you need in these final weeks of preparation. AND don't have to do EVERYTHING!! ENJOY these days...they are very special!


J said...

Oh this post makes me smile. You are just beautiful and so radiant!!! I am so happy for you all!!!! And I love your observation of how well the Lord orchestrated this amazing miracle of pregnancy and birth. I agree completely. We're praying for you and rejoicing with you as John Fletcher's birthdate draws nearer!