Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Morning

This morning...

~We all had donut holes for breakfast, courtesy of Safeway.  They may have overcharged me for dried cranberries and not given me the BOGO hotdog deal, but they also put a bunch of stuff in our bags that the man in front of us had found at the last minute he didn't have the money to buy.   So, I got home to discover that we unexpectedly have a bag of Funyuns, 2 packs of bacon, a box of donut holes, and a jar of grapefruit (guess that was his stab at healthy eating!).  I had planned a return trip to the store to rectify my overcharges, but Jacob says we'll just call it even.  He's beyond excited about the Funyuns.

~There's some jackhammering going on outside.  In honor of the big event, I moved Andrew's Diet Mtn. Dew perch to the window best situated for viewing the action.

But men, you know, they don't much like change.  So now he's got a Dr. Pepper perch at his tusty ol' window, where the Diet Mtn. Dew perch has been for months.  He's making laps between the two.

~We referred to Itty Bitty by his potential real name several times.  I think we're settling into it.  As soon as we're certain, I'll share!

~Mercifully, the little guy's a tad less miserable than he's been the past couple of days.  Which really isn't saying much, because he's spent much of the last two days in tears.  His seasonal allergies and eczema have been in overdrive the past couple weeks, with the onslaught of the pollen.  And it all came to a head on Tuesday, when he was itching incessantly, coughing, sneezing, streaming from the nose, and rubbing his sweet little red eyes.  Appointments with the pediatrician and dermatologist haven't fixed him up just yet, so we're off to see the allergist next week.  In the meantime, we have the most intense grooming regimen you've ever heard of, involving oatmeal baths, baking soda soaks, 4 different steroid creams, and various ointments and lotions.  To round out the routine, we have Zyrtec by day and Benadryl by night.  Po' baby!

~I'm sad that last night was probably the last time I'll see my friend Amanda before she moves to Colorado this weekend.  She was my best lunch buddy, and we're going to miss her big time.  :(  But last night sure was fun...chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot with a few girls from law school!


Aunt Betty said...

Sorry Andrew is having such a hard time of it :( The way I see it you now have an excuse to go to Colorado. I LOVE Colorado in the summer (not so much for the winter stuff). Can't wait to hear the new dude on the blocks name!!!!

Laura said...
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BettieBoyd said...

Jacob is right about calling it even, if you got Funyuns instead of free hot dogs! I just love seeing Andrew at his watchtower! Glad to know he is better today.

Aunt Cacky said...

It looks like Andrew could use a couple of law books on those mountain dews! Too cute on his tippy toes.

Julie said...

Andrew is like a city mouse - never a dull moment on his watch!