Friday, April 30, 2010

In Celebration

In celebration of Andrew feeling TONS better and because we could stand no more of the allergen evasion quarantine, we set off on a little urban park adventure.
You may notice he's sporting a bit of a tail.  I know some people have psychological, cultural, moral, whatever issues with this type of thing.  But we live and play in a big city, and my heart could no longer take the moments when Andrew jerked free of my hand to run after a pigeon or a motorcycle.  So, for now, on occasion, the boy will be on a tether.
All the better for two-handed stick collecting...
...and dandelion picking!
'Now, you want me to do what exactly?'
It didn't take him long to spot the playground.  
And the child can flat climb a slide.  Am I supposed to be telling him that's not allowed?  He just did it so well!
Over and over again.
Oh, well.  We had the place to ourselves.

So, here's to the triple play of Allegra, Zyrtec, and Benadryl!
Making urban park adventures possible!


Aunt Cacky said...

It looks like a wonderful outing and I thing the tot tether is a very loving addition!

Aunt Betty said...

He does not seem to mind the tether, in fact he probably prefers the bit of freedom it gives him. I think it is a wonderful solution for both of you, its not like it goes around his neck, it really looks like a little back pack with an extra long strap. Parenting is mainly about finding solutions to make everyone as happy as possible.

Jamie and Alec Helms said...

So... never been a fan of a tethered child until I saw this adorable little Andrew and his cutie-patooty "backpack"! It's definitely an urban-GOOD thing!!! LOVE YOU!

Julie said...

So happy that Andrew is feeling better - and that you guys can do the urban playgrounds again!

BettieBoyd said...

That's a great tether, and he looks so happy to be free at the end of it! And he looks so well!

Dana said...

If I had a child in DC I would do the same thing-the drivers are CRAZY!! Congrats on the officialy name John Fletcher as well-a wonderful choice!