Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Birthday Date!

Last week was Jacob's birthday.  To celebrate, I made him the world's worst-looking cake.
And I even started with a box mix!  Not sure if it was all the chocolate chips I added in or the applesauce I had to substitute when we ran out of vegetable oil, but it completely fell apart.  Thank goodness it was tasty!

In a move that highlighted why I married this man, Jacob lodged an official request that this be his new standard birthday cake.

My gift to the birthday boy was tickets to the Caps' last game of the season.  We were on our way to the arena with the little guy in tow, when we got a call from Jacob's brother saying they'd decided to drive into the city for an afternoon of sightseeing and were just around the corner from us.  We met up with them for a quick hug and they very kindly suggested that we send Andrew off with them.  This threw me all in a flutter, was not part of My Plan.   I had dressed him for indoor activity, not outdoor.  I had anticipated supplementing his packed lunch with some of our concession stand purchases.  We didn't have the stroller.  It was almost his naptime.  I didn't have any sunscreen for him.  The list went on and on.  But I saw that Jacob thought this was a grand idea, so I reluctantly stepped outside the box of My Plan, ran back to the apartment for a few essentials, and the cousins whisked him away. 

Suddenly...we were on a DATE!  How glorious!
We had such a great time!

And so did the little guy.
Happy birthday, my love!


BettieBoyd said...

Three cheers for Josh and Melissa! They changed a fallen cake/take the baby outing into a big weekend, and gave Andrew an adventure! Another three cheers for Jacob---I can just hear him saying it was the best cake he ever had! Good job choosing your family, Baby Girl.

Bev said...

I am proud of you... I know how hard it can be to abandon The Plan. Once Baby # 2 arrives, I have a feeling most of the Best Laid Plans will be abandoned!

Julie said...

You pulled at my heartstrings tonight - I am so proud of my boys!