Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15

You didn't think we'd let tax day pass without a little protest action, did ya?
Nah, the little guy wouldn't let that happen.

You say, "tea party," and he says, "I'm there."
He even got his Daddy to join us at lunchtime.
And look who we saw!
{Jacob was mildly horrified by my stalkerazzi photo taking.}

An ABC reporter asked to interview me, but having seen the other victims he'd chosen, I declined the opportunity to be cast as the harried young mother.  I offered Jacob instead, but they must have thought he looked too respectable.  ;)


Aunt Betty said...

You could have done the interview and floored them all. They never would have seen it coming and wouldn't have realized what hit them until sometime, oh lets say, NEXT MONTH!!!! I hate to be so dumb but who is that in the last photo?

Family Snodgrass said...

Not dumb at all...I put in a link to his bio, because it is hard to tell who it is from the picture. It's Carl Cameron, a Fox reporter.

Julie said...

Let Betty know that Dave and I didn't know who it was either - thanks for clearing that up! You might have missed your break into stardom, Elizabeth! Next time give them a piece of your mind!

BettieBoyd said...

A Washington childhood, just like Wowo! Andrew will be protester in chief. I am sure you, too, looked very respectable.

J said...

Y'all are awesome. SO glad you were there!