Monday, March 1, 2010

Words! We Got Words!

This world-class little mime seems to have decided at last that words may be worth a shot.  We've got five now!

-yes ("yosh" or "yehyehyehyehyeh" depending on the level of excitement)
-no ("nuh")
-this ("dis")
-duck ("duh," when looking at a picture of a duck or when playing with a toy duck)
-Josh (clear as day..."Josh")

Yes, Uncle Josh won out over either Mama or Daddy. 

Admittedly, he's a really good uncle.

But I've let the little guy know that "Mama" and "Daddy" better be up next.

Take those 5 words, add in his baby sign language signs for "please" and "all done" and the ever-present pointer finger, and there's rarely a time I don't know what he means.  It's pretty great!


Aunt Cacky said...

Yea! The photos are beautiful; Wow, those are some blue eyes!

Anonymous said...

I have to second what Aunt Cacky said - those baby blues are enough to melt a grandmother's heart!!!
Love, Julie
p.s. I knew he was going to have an easy time with Uncle Josh's name!

J said...

Hooray, that's so fun! Great pics! He is beautiful.

Sarah Rose said...

What a precious little one! This stage is so much fun... enjoy it! (I know you are!)

BettieBoyd said...

Pretty Little Boy Blue! Just follow his orders promptly! Love, Mama

Foodiebia said...

Those pictures are too cute. He looks just like you!

Aunt Betty said...

Awww so cute but I think you forgot one
Aunt Betty (ant etty)
and I bet you he said