Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playing Outside

The temp broke 50 this weekend, so all of DC could be found playing outside.

I must say it's pretty cool that Andrew's playground has the Capitol as its backdrop on one end.
And the Washington Monument on the other!
Not that the little guy really cares.  He's far more interested in the birds.
"What do birds say, Andrew?"
"Teet, teet."
Oh, I just die.  Every time.
Life is good.


Julie said...

Another beautiful chapter with stunning pictures for your future book!

BettieBoyd said...

What a wonderful day!Love to all especially Tweet.

Sara said...

Isn't going outside the best. Whenever I ask Noah if he wants to go outside he gets big grin on his face and looks towards the door.

Tricia said...

I LOVE playing outside! We've hit temps in the mid 40's and I can't stay indoors!

Aunt betty said...

Life is good! Enjoy!