Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal Hygiene

So, I got Andrew undressed and undiapered for his bath yesterday and then popped into the other room to get my camera, since I hadn't taken any bathtime photos in a while.  Took this picture and then discovered my rookie mistake...a little pre-bath puddle cleaning ensued.  Woops!

But once he was safely within the confines of the tub, it was all fun and games.
The little guy has always loved his bathtime.
And now that he gets to combine tooth brushing with bathing, he is all about it.
I'm all about this personal hygiene combo, too, cuz he sure drools a lot when brushing his teeth.
Eventually, I have to wrestle the toothbrush away from him, so we can move on with our lives.

But he's a clean little boy!
Happy day to you!


Aunt Betty said...

From looking at the changing water level you can tell how much he loves to brush! Happy Easter!

Patricia said...

Brushing his teeth is just the cutest! Looks like he is getting down to work! no cavities for this guy.

The Lily Pad said...

Lily is going to LOVE having a buddy to brush teeth with. We brush about 4 times a day for about 20 minutes; I hope andrew is up the challenge! Can't wait to see yall soon!

Lindsey said...

Those big eyes of his are BEAUTIFUL! He is precious.

Rhonda Hennessy said...

He is so, so cute! I feel the need to tell you that JUST yesterday evening we had the same little incidence occur, except it was on the rug in the bathroom - oopsie! And, ML is NEVER that happy after her bath. In fact, she is quite the opposite. Maybe you should head southward for post-bathtime at our house, apparently I could use a few lessons :)

BettieBoyd said...

He is so beautifully shiny clean! Give him an extra kiss for me!

Ole Miss Mom said...

Love the pics....those blue eyes are so beautiful! :-)